Photo credits

The Ariana Museum has collaborated with many photographers over the years.

The images on the museum's website are not free of copyright.
However, you may use the photographic reproductions of the works in our collections for your own private and personal use.

The following photographers, in alphabetical order, have worked on the images presented on our website.

  • Angelo Lui
  • Barbara Piovan
  • Boris Dunand
  • Cyril Girardet
  • Jacques Pugin
  • Jean-Marc Cherix
  • Léo Chedel
  • Luca Fascini
  • Lucas Tanner
  • Mauro Magliani
  • Nathalie Sabato
  • Nicolas Lieber
  • Nicole Loeffel
  • Rémy Gindroz
  • Sandra Pointet

In addition, several images are documentary photographs taken by unnamed museum staff. The photographic credit is grouped under "Ariana Museum".


English texts were translated by Deborah Fiette, Stéphanie Weinberger, Alexander Craker
The German texts were translated by Steven Wyss
The Italian texts were translated by Sándor Marazza

Apostroph Group


Sabine Lorenz Schmidt for the German
Fernanda Caverni O'Higgins for the Italian


INOVAE agency in Geneva