Visite pour tous et toutes

Activities designed for different sections of the public

Visually impaired or blind people 

The Musée Ariana offers descriptive and tactile tours, upon request, of its main collection and temporary exhibitions.

See the page dedicated to commentated tours

The Musée Ariana also offers the following tours upon request:

  • Gustave Revilliod’s incredible project: the construction of the Musée Ariana>
  • Discovering the permanent collections through a selection of representative objects

Minimum 3 people, maximum 5 people (+ guide dogs)

Deaf or hard-of-hearing people  

The Musée Ariana offers, upon request, tours of its main collection in French Sign Language (FSL), guided by the deaf guide and lecturer Noha El Sadawy. See the report by RTS

Intellectually disabled people

The Musée Ariana offers, upon request, tours in simplified French and relaxed tours of its main collection and its temporary exhibitions.

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Guided visit

Visite tactile

Thursday 5 October, 14:30

Visites tactiles pour les personnes malvoyantes et aveugles

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    Partner associations

    The Musée Ariana works with a variety of associations that operate in the disability sector to set up projects and offer activities that meet the needs of service users:

    More information about accessibility at the Musée Ariana

    Culture Accessible Genève


    For a specially tailored visit to the museum, to book a guided tour or to organise a chaperone from the bus or tram stop to the museum for blind or visually impaired people, please contact:

    Alexandra Mueller, Visitor Reception Coordinator
    T +41 (0)22 418 54 54
    Monday-Friday: from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

    For a more inclusive and more empathic museum

    Our priority is to take everyone’s needs into account, in order to make your visit to the museum easier. All members of the visitor reception team have been trained in welcoming people with disabilities.

    The Musée Ariana is committed to inclusion so that as many people as possible can enjoy our regularly updated offerings.

    'Culture for All' label

    The Musée Ariana was granted this label in 2020.

    The Inclusive Culture department of the association Pro Infirmis grants the “Culture for All” label to cultural institutions operating in all fields. The label is awarded to partners developing inclusive measures in five areas of activity: cultural offering, access to content, access to buildings, employment and communication. They are committed to permanently enhancing the cultural participation of people with disabilities at all levels of their institutions.