Online Collections

Collections du Musée Ariana

A new tool for exploring our collections

Discover the new 'Online Collections' platform, which enables anyone to explore the museum’s collections in the finest detail. With sections like Our Stories and Focus, the app offers the curious-minded a great way to discover the world of ceramics, deepen their knowledge and even add their own contributions.

The online collections currently consist of 6,253 pieces that have been indexed online, representing about 25% of the Ariana’s collection. Eventually, the platform will allow the public to see the museum’s entire collection. With this digitised inventory, the scientific team is able to work daily on enhancing the quality of visitor-facing information about the exhibits and on photographing them.

This new platform brings our stored items (about 88% of the entire collection) out of the shadows and into the light, so go ahead and get researching!

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