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Alexandre Joly

Communicating Vessels

Détail de l'affiche pour l'exposition d'Alexandre Joly, Vases communicants

The vase is one of the most common utilitarian ceramic vessels. Visual artist Alexandre Joly (France, 1977) has chosen as a field for artistic exploration the 2990 examples found in the collections of the Musée Ariana. Among them, he has selected some showpieces from the East and used mirror effects to augment their presence.

The shape of vases is often associated with the human body - belly, neck, lip or heel - but it is their inner breath that the artist has captured here to celebrate its resonance.

Through this visual and audio mise en abyme, each object becomes a vessel to be boarded, inviting us on a journey into infinite spaces.

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Lower ground floor

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General public


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"Ici, cela a pris une tournure particulière, car l'espace méritait une réponse in situ. On a ces arches, ces voûtes. On a l'impression d'être dans un temple, c'est vraiment particulier!" Découvrez l'exposition en mots et en images. 

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