Jeanne Rimbert

Oh Happy Days!

Détail du flyer de l'exposition Jeanne Rimbert oh les beaux jours

The artistic universe of Jeanne Rimbert (France, 1985) is deceptively idyllic. Pop, colourful and fun, her world evokes at first sight the reassuring sweetness of childhood and sunny memories of seaside holidays. But make no mistake about it, the artist is here expressing a far darker reality,the image of a society in sharp decline.

Nature is wilting in the heat and the koala smells scorched, the tree has no leaves anymore, the bird is trapped with glue, the whale oozes tar, the rabbit has hybridised with an octopus, while the oblivious squid plays with a ball.

If the happy days may seem behind us, disenchanted humanity can’t put a stop to aesthetic enjoyment. Let’s give our daily lives a good sprinkling of glitter and fairy dust!

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