Main exhibition

Main exhibition

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Most museums divide their space between a permanent exhibition, which showcases major works from their collections and area of interest, and temporary exhibitions, which may cover a particular theme, offer a new perspective on their collections or display works on loan to the museum.

For several years now, the Musée Ariana has been going through a process of reflection on its identity in the 21st century, complemented by surveys aimed at gaining a better understanding of visitors’ knowledge and expectations. As part of this process, we are reviewing our use of language and are gradually changing the content as well as the timing of different elements of our permanent displays, which we are now calling our 'main exhibition'.

While there is still a clear need for a historical timeline, some of the themed rooms have a more marked identity, which should enable our visitors to gain a better understanding of the range of fascinating stories relating to our collections. For example, we talk about the dangers involved in transporting precious porcelain from China to Europe, the quality and originality of the Swiss collections (about which there is often a lack of awareness), the challenges of industrial production, and the endearing personality of Gustave Revilliod, who founded the Musée Ariana.

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