Equipe Musée Ariana

Isabelle Naef Galuba, Director
Dafne Pons, research analyst

Corinne Müller Sontag, Administrator
Perle Dumusc, HR Manager
Francis Brunel, Accountant
Tania Veuillet, Direction Assistant
Nino Sivro, Accountant
Steve Brandt, business project manager

Anne-Claire Schumacher, Head Conservator
Stanislas Anthonioz, Scientific Assistant
Cécile Togni, Scientific Officer

Cultural coordination
Hélène De Ryckel, Cultural Coordination Manager
Isabelle Payot Wunderli, Project Manager
Sophie Wirth Brentini, Project Manager
Sabine Lorenz-Schmidt, Cultural Coordinator
Alexandra Müller, Visitor Reception Manager
Manon Weber, Cultural Coordinator
Émeline Vayssières, Cultural Coordinator

Noyan Kayak, librarian

Visitor reception, security and surveillance
Jasmina Brankov, Head of Department
Anibal Fernandes, Delfina Gundar, Abdi Hersi,
Katarzyna Lesinska, Antonino Poma, Julien Roguet, Visitor Reception Officers
Vjollca Bakolli, David Mangituca, Florence Rohrbasser, Security Guards
Maryann Wangui, Visitor Reception Manager

Communication and promotion
Laurence Ganter, Communication and Press Relations Manager
Boris Dunand, Digital Communication Officer

Claude Rouge, Building and Technical manager
Afrim Avdullahi, Security and Technical Service Officer

organizational chart