Musée Ariana, entrée principale

Getting to the museum

Avenue de la Paix 10
1202 Geneva
Tel. +41(0)22 418 54 50

Due to works, the entrance to the museum is temporarily through the back door - UN side.
Please walk around the building to access the rooms. Thank you !

TPG public transport

Appia bus stop: 20 - 22 - 28 - F
Nations bus stop: 5 - 5+ - 8 - 11 - 20 - 22 - 28 - F
Nations tram stop: 15

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Léman Express
Stop: Genève - Sécheron
A 12-minute walk away (approximately)

By car
Paid parking available at Parking des Nations, Route de Varembé 3

Information on Parking des Nations

Information: the blue zone running along the length of Avenue de la Paix has been removed.

On foot and by bicycle, of course
Enjoy a beautiful walk or ride!
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The museum is located within Ariana Park, whose main paths have a gravel surface. Access to the main entrance involves ascending 12 steps with a handrail. The reception desk is in the centre of the hall and the ticket office is immediately to the right of the entrance.

Alternative entrance for people with reduced mobility

To avoid the gravel paths and for step-free access to the museum, a concrete path is available running alongside the access road for motor vehicles. This leads to a goods lift (to the right of the building), which is fitted with a bell for use by disabled visitors. The step-free route leads to the building’s basement, to a room used for preparation and storage. A member of staff will guide visitors to the public areas.

A wheelchair and folding stools are available for use by people who tire easily (for more information, please speak to the reception staff). All of the staircases have handrails.

For a specially tailored visit to the museum, to book a guided tour or to organise a chaperone from the bus or tram stop to the museum for blind or visually impaired people, please contact:

Alexandra Mueller, Visitor Reception Coordinator (Monday-Friday 9 a.m.–4 p.m.)

Tel. +41 (0)22 418 54 54

Disabled parking for cars with a disabled sticker

When arriving by car from Avenue de la Paix, follow the disabled signs leading to the gate with the intercom. Press and wait for the light to start flashing. Vehicles can enter and park within Ariana Park, which brings you right to the entrance of the museum.

People who are hard of hearing

At the reception desk, 10 portable hearing loops are available to members of the public.

Getting around the museum

Layout of the building

First floor: permanent exhibition area, temporary exhibition area, exhibition gallery, library, café/restaurant
Ground floor: reception, ticket office, shop, permanent exhibition area, tactile educational area, multi-purpose room (workshop area/conference room)
Basement: alternative step-free entrance (visitors must be accompanied by staff), temporary exhibition area, disabled toilets, general public toilets, cloakroom

Exhibition area

The exhibition area extends from the basement to the first floor. All of the exhibition rooms can be accessed by lift except the second floor of the study collection, which is located on a mezzanine. The interior of the rooms is all step-free.

Tactile area

The museum offers a tactile educational area suitable for all members of the public, where visitors can touch the different materials of the objects on display. Two of the three rows are accessible by wheelchair.

Multi-purpose room available for use as a workshop space or conference room

The multi-purpose room is located on the ground floor and has step-free access (towards the rear left of the entrance hall, from the museum entrance). This area can be used by the public to host a variety of activities.

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The lift can accept wheelchair users and is located on the left when entering the entrance hall. It is not fitted with a hearing loop. It is not possible to make visual contact with the outside.

The cloakroom is located in the basement, to the right when coming out of the lift or when coming down the stairs. Some of the cloakroom lockers are at a wheelchair-accessible height. They require a 1 Swiss franc coin (returnable).

Disabled toilets
Toilets suitable for people with reduced mobility and toilets for the general public are available in the basement, to your right when coming out of the lift, just after the stairs.

The museum shop, including the bookshop, is located in the entrance hall on the ground floor. It has step-free access.

The Comptoir Gourmand café and restaurant on the first floor is fully step-free. The furniture is not fixed to the floor. A balcony with several tables is available for use when the weather is fine (service from 11 a.m.–4 p.m.).