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A specialist collection, a place and personalised accompaniment

The document collection of the Musée Ariana Library is the largest in Switzerland in the fields of ceramics (porcelain, earthenware, stoneware, terracotta), glass and stained glass.

It comprises almost 7,000 tomes and 40 periodicals as well as a selection of digital resources (image databases, online publications, references on art, etc.).

The library boasts a reading room with workspaces, a computer to consult the catalogue and make use of the digital resources, a secure WiFi network and sockets for PCs. Scans and photocopies can be made on request.

The staff offers assistance in finding documents and information as well as personalised accompaniment concerning any request you might have. The library participates in the online question-and-answer service The librarians of the “Interroge” service will be happy to answer your remote questions in less than three days.

Swisscovery catalogue

It should be noted that the library does not provide a lending service; the documents must be consulted on site.

The documents available are listed in the Swisscovery online catalogue: Swisscovery City of Geneva

The catalogue homepage allows you to register as well as providing registration tutorials and a guide to searching for documents.

The Swisscovery catalogue brings together the collections of several hundred Swiss libraries and thus contains several million physical and digital documents. A description of the platform is available on the City of Geneva website: Presentation on City of Geneva


The collection is regularly enhanced with acquisitions, donations and exchanges.

Acquisition proposals should be submitted by writing to the following address: bibliotheque.ariana(at) These are retained if they are in line with the documentary policy of the library.

Donations and bequests are generally accepted if they are in line with the documentary policy of the library.

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