Young people and families

Atelier jeune public

Activities for young people and families

1001 reasons to bring your children to the museum!

The Musée Ariana has a host of adventures in store for your children all year long, from exploring its grandiose architecture to discovering its collection of everyday objects during tours especially designed for them. At our workshops, they will be able to experience working with clay and enjoy getting their hands dirty while sharing quality time as a family in a fun setting that will stimulate their creativity and imagination. The workshops for tiny tots aged from 2 to 4 and those for 5 to 7 year olds are tailored to the ages of the children, who must be accompanied by an adult.

Children can discover the collections and temporary exhibitions through discovery trails where the emphasis is on observation, creativity and drawing. You can request these trails at the museum’s front desk, as well as the treasure hunt, which involves seeking out artworks in the museum’s park.

The summer workshops for children aged from 7 to 9 and from 10 to 12 years old offer them the chance to learn about the various techniques used in creating ceramics and glassware.

Our Espace Juniors (children’s area) located towards the rear left of the central hall has been open for several years now as a space in which children and their families have the freedom to approach the museum and its collections from a different perspective. Magnetic wall activities, discovery trails involving the collections and temporary exhibitions, as well as books and games are available for children and their families to enjoy.

Programme for young people and families, September-December 2021  

Cultural trails

Take a unique walk from museum to museum with the Geneva cultural trails.

Discover parks and gardens on this route that will take you from the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Museum to the Musée Ariana, also taking in the Conservatory and Botanical Garden and ending at the Musée d’Histoire des Sciences. Designed to arouse curiosity and develop creativity, the cultural trails encourage active participation and dialogue between young and old.

Cultural trails for families  

English: Geneva cultural trails  

Discovery trails

At the Musée Ariana, there are a thousand ways to have fun and learn at the same time. We can recognise old objects that we might have seen in our grandparents’ homes: a teapot, for example, or an onion box decorated with flowers. Ceramics can be decorated and ornamented in all manner of ways: with animals, games, flowers, lively landscapes, professional trades and sometimes even scenes with dialogue, like in a comic book.

You can request the discovery trails at the museum’s front desk. To prepare for your visit, you can download them here:

Exploring the collections (only in french)

At the table  

European porcelain  

The magic of museums  

In the Land of One Thousand and One Nights  

Treasure hunt

Discover artworks in the park (FR/EN/ES)

 Chasse aux trésors

 Treasure hunt

  Busqueda del tesoro